Hose Saver Hose Protection

Hose Saver - Protective Sleeve

The Hose Saver protective sleeve extends the life of your hydraulic and pneumatic hoses by protecting against abrasive wear, dry rot and premature failure. Hose failures can lead to unnecessary expenses from downtime, oil loss, contamination, and replacement hoses. Save time and money by reducing maintenance and repairs with the Hose Saver protective sleeve.

Simple to install and available in 2 heat and chemical resistant material options, the Hose Saver is adjustable to fit various hose sizes.  Browse our product line below to find the right Hose Saver to fit your needs.

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Nylon Ballistic

HS-012 (3/8 Details
HS-028 (1 Details
HS-064 (2 1/4 Details

Silicon Coated Kevlar

HS-012BGK (3/8 - 1") - Grey Kevlar w/Ballistic Back Details
HS-012GK (3/8 - 1") - Grey Kevlar Details
HS-028BGK (1 - 2 1/4") - Grey Kevlar w/Ballistic Back Details
HS-028GK (1 - 2 1/4") - Grey Kevlar Details
HS-064BGK (2 1/4 - 3 1/2") - Grey Kevlar w/Ballistic Back Details
HS-064GK (2 1/4 - 3 1/2") - Grey Kevlar Details