Hydraulic Hose Saver Protective Cover

Heat & Chemical Tolerant Material Specifications

Ballistic Nylon

Ballistic nylon is a synthetic nylon fabric used to manufacture a variety of items, including tool belts, jackets, protective curtains, and other items for use in industrial applications. It can also be used in conjunction with Kevlar to manufacture bullet proof vests. The material is woven from nylon yarns of various denier (weight), with the double weave 1050 denier fabric being most durable for its weight level. It is resistant to abrasion and tearing, and is backed with polyurethane (which aids in waterproofing), making it the perfect fabric for protective applications.

Base Fabric Nylon
Color / Apperance (Outside) Black
Color / Apperance (Inside) Black
Roll Length 50 yards (45.7 m)
Fabric Weight 12.38 oz / square yard - coated
Fabric Thickness .018 inches
Strip Tensile (Warp) 711
Strip Tensile (Fill) 690
Grab Tensile (Warp) 1126
Grab Tensile (Fill) 1050
% Elongation at Break (Warp) 51.0
% Elongation at Break (Fill) 41.5
% Crimp (Warp) 6.5
% Crimp (Fill) 3.5
% Shrinkage - 3 Minutes @ 350° (Warp) 7.0
% Shrinkage - 3 Minutes @ 350° (Fill) 5.0
Resistance Water, Oil, Abrasion
Sunlight & Age Resistance N/A
Electrical Properties N/A
Temperature Recommendations Max 250° Constant


100% Kevlar fiber light weight fabric woven in a 3/1 left hand twill pattern, woven face down. Fabric is coated on both sides with medium gray silicone rubber. Resistant to some chemicals and solvents.

NOTE: This fabric has passed FAA's one hour "Igloo Fire Test", which may allow certain narrow body combi airplane operators to comply with the FAA's new air worthiness directive #AD-93-07-15.

Base Fabric 100% Kevlar
Color / Apperance Medium Gray Silicone Rubber
Available Widths (Standard) 60" (1.5m)
Roll Lengths (Yards) 50" (45.7m)
Weave Style 3/1 Left Hand Twill, Woven Face Down
Construction (Ends X Picks/sq.inch) 53 x 43 (20.8 cm x 16.9 cm)
Fabric Weight (oz./sq. yard - Coated) 19.5" (655 gm/sq. m)
Fabric Thickness (Inches) 0.03 (0.76 mm)
Warp Strength (lbs/inch) 400 (191 Kg/2.54 cm)
Fill Strength (lbs/inch) 360 (162 Kg/2.54 cm)
Abrasion Resistance N/A
Coated Fabric Flame Resistance (FAR 25.853(a)) After Flame, seconds 2.0
Coated Fabric Flame Resistance (FAR 25.853(a)) After Glow, seconds 2.0
Coated Fabric Flame Resistance (FAR 25.853(a)) Chare Length, inches 0.3 (0.76 cm)
Chemical Resistance N/A
Sunlight & Age Resistance N/A
Electrical Properties N/A
Available Finishes (Finish #) 36, Medium gray silicone rubber, both sides