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Learn how companies around the globe are using Seal Saver to protect their hydraulic cylinders and their investment.

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"I won't put another new mixer in the field without a "SEAL SAVER" installed on it. Acid wash isn't going to damage another one of my Bridgemaster cylinders."

Phil Eggli / Overland Sand & Gravel Co., Stromsburg, NE

"The product is so simple to install and works so well. Where was it thirty years ago?"

David Marchand / LaFarge Construction Materials, Slidell, LA

"We were replacing Bridgemaster cylinders at a rate of one per month until we protected our entire fleet of mixers with the "SEAL SAVER."  We do not replace cylinders anymore.  We will be reaping the benefits of this product for years to come." 

Philip Schwarz / Schwarz Ready Mix, Yukon, OH

"I have not put a machine into service without having a "SEAL SAVER" installed on the bucket cylinder.  To date, I haven't had a single bucket cylinder failure due to impact damage, dirt, or rod scoring."

Peter Menner / New Millennium Rentals, Windsor, NY

"I installed the "SEAL SAVER" on my Bridgemaster and loader cylinders.  I haven't replaced or rebuilt a cylinder in over 5 years."

Karl Wolf / LaFarge Construction Materials, Metairie, LA

"The Seal Saver material is extremely durable. We use a Seal Saver on all of our excavators and loaders. In my five years with the company, we've never had to replace a Seal Saver."

Keny Murray Jr. / Contractor Sales, Albany, NY

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