ProtectING Cylinder Rods in a Variety of Industries

Minimize Your Fleet’s Hydraulic Repair Costs.

Seal Saver is the industry leader in custom hydraulic cylinder covers. Proudly made in the USA, Seal Saver solutions have been used in all types of industries in more than 20 countries with more than 50,000 applications. And each industry has its own unique work environment and equipment. Whether you’re in the mining or mills industry, Seal Saver has the right solution to protect your equipment.

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Seal Saver protective boots in four different materials

Industries Served

Two parked wheel loaders Heavy Machinery
Interior of steel mill plant Steel Mills
Offshore oil rig Oil Rigs
Close of three wind turbines Wind Energy
Offshore carrier with crane Offshore Cranes & Carriers
Crew working inside an active mine Mining
Line rendering of hydraulic cylinder rod

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