Seal Saver Case Studies

Proven Effective in Protecting Hydraulic Equipment for More than 30 Years.

Businesses worldwide trust Seal Saver to protect their hydraulic cylinders from premature failure in the toughest operations. Read examples about companies that faced environmental and application challenges and how Seal Saver enabled them to take preventative maintenance to a new level.

Steel shop heat damaged equipment

Extreme heat protection extends life of steel shop equipment

By adding a custom fit Seal Saver protective boot, ISO-Reliability Partners extended the life of their equipment up to 4x longer.

ISO-Reliability Partners - Germiston, Gauteng, South Africa

The Challenge

Exposed equipment combined with extreme environmental conditions made regular repairs and replacement necessary for the ISO-Reliability Partners steel melt shop team. Historically each cylinder must be removed, rotated with a spare, and sent out for reconditioning every seven days of operation. The entire cylinder is then replaced each month. This work is time consuming, labor intensive and requires heavy lifting equipment with increased risk of injury for artisans.

The Solution

To extend the life of the equipment, and keep repair costs down, ISO-Reliability Partners used custom fitted Seal Saver coated silica cloth protective boots and tested the results.

The Results

Summary: Seal Saver custom protective boot have dramatically extended cylinder life, improved worker safety and lowered the cost of operation. The results far exceeded expectations and have proven Seal Saver to be an invaluable and essential, preventative maintenance tool.

Steel shop heat damaged equipment

The Seal Saver boot covered cylinder was exposed to a continuous operating environment of 840°C (1544°F). For brief moments when the tap flap opens, maximum readings of 3200°C (5792°F) were noted.

The Seal Saver was removed after 4 weeks in operation and the condition was still relatively good. Most importantly the cylinder was in good condition and did not need to be reconditioned, representing a minimum 4x life extension. A new custom Seal Saver protective boot was fitted onto the same cylinder and put back into service.

After a further 8 weeks continuous service the second "new" protective boot was splashed with molten steel at a temperature of 1660°C (3020°F). The Seal Saver did not survive. The event caused minor damage to the cylinder rod which needed to be sent out for polishing. The original Seal Saver was put back into operation on the reconditioned cylinder and has been in service for the past 5 weeks.

Steel shop heat damaged equipment
SOL protected rods

Seal Saver provides protection against extreme weather conditions.

Surviving a direct hit by a hurricane, Seal Saver protective boots kept SOL Petroleum Bermuda LTD. cylinder rods protected.

SOL Petroleum Bermuda LTD. - St. George’s GE01, Bermuda

Excavator machinery in use

Protecting hydraulic cylinders on an entire rental fleet

Contractors Sales made it a company standard to add Seal Saver protective boots to all of their heavy machinery.

Contractors Sales - Albany, NY

Sugarcane dumper truck

Seal Saver prevents downtime of sugar truck dumper cylinders.

Capiz Sugar was able to alleviate costly repairs associated with frequent rebuilding and re-chroming of cylinders with Seal Saver covers.

Capiz Sugar Central - Capiz, Philippines

Aerial view of seismic vessel

Protecting the cylinders in sea vessels from salty sea air.

Seal Saver extended cylinder life and prevented premature pitting, damage to ram seals and intrusions of contaminants.

WesternGeco – Greater London

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