Seal Saver Case Studies

Proven Effective in Protecting Hydraulic Equipment for More than 30 Years.

Businesses worldwide trust Seal Saver to protect their hydraulic cylinders from premature failure in the toughest operations. Read examples about companies that faced environmental and application challenges and how Seal Saver enabled them to take preventative maintenance to a new level.

Excavator machinery in use

Protecting hydraulic cylinders on an entire rental fleet

Contractors Sales made it a company standard to add Seal Saver protective boots to all of their heavy machinery.

Contractors Sales - Albany, NY

Sugarcane dumper truck

Seal Saver prevents downtime of sugar truck dumper cylinders.

Capiz Sugar was able to alleviate costly repairs associated with frequent rebuilding and re-chroming of cylinders with Seal Saver covers.

Capiz Sugar Central - Capiz, Philippines

Aerial view of seismic vessel

Protecting the cylinders in sea vessels from salty sea air.

Seal Saver extended cylinder life and prevented premature pitting, damage to ram seals and intrusions of contaminants.

WesternGeco – Greater London

The Challenge

Salty sea air and other debris were prematurely pitting tow point ram cylinders and damaging ram seals on WesternGeco’s multi-component seismic technology vessels.

The Solution

One of WesternGeco’s chief mechanics heard about Seal Saver protective covers and contacted us to see how we could extend the life of their cylinders for of their vessels.

The Results

Seal Saver hydraulic cylinder covers allowed WesternGeco to extend the life of their cylinders with less downtime. It also minimized the potential for hazardous oil leaks and prevented the intrusion of contaminants into their hydraulic systems, which helped prolong the life of the ships valves and pumps.

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